The meaning of life? Here’s your answer

Instructions for use: print or bring your laptop over to the mirror and read this while you’re looking at your beautiful self…

 I am unemployed.

I have not been singled out by the universe for being a loser. I am not being picked on.

It is what it is. I accept it.

I am a person who can bring it.

I have value.

There are millions of people who find themselves in this same situation I find myself in; qualified, passionate, talented, energetic, forward-thinking professionals who have lost a position, often for reasons passing understanding.

My current state of being does not reflect on my character, my intelligence or my desire.

If I appear to be “less” of a person in the eyes of some because of my status, I will no longer associate with those people, because they have conditions for their relationship with me, and they have proven themselves to be people who will slow my journey to success. 

I know who my real friends are, and I respect and love them because they support me without condition.

I pledge I will never give up, never stop trying, never retreat. I will be worthy of the respect I demand from my universe.

I will do my homework; I will research companies I am interested in; I will be ready with the answers when I am asked the questions.

I will apply for positions that I am truly qualified for.

I will not lie on my resume.

I will be aware of the changes in the job market, and I will adapt to those changes.

I will not speak ill of my former employer, under any circumstance.

I will be positive around my family and friends, and not make them feel uncomfortable being around me.

I understand there will be dark days, and sad moments, and I recognize this is perfectly normal; what makes me special is my ability to get up off the ground, stand upright, and put one foot in front of the other. I will keep walking.

I will ask for help, and be grateful when it is given.

I will remember that I will see all the same people on the way up, as I did on the way down.

I will forgive myself for mistakes I have made, and not punish myself.

I will not make excuses for destructive behavior. I know that drugs and alcohol will slow me down and take my eye off the ball.

I understand this situation is merely a temporary bump in the road; I will have clarity about where I’m going and how to get there.

I possess strengths and skills that great organizations and companies will find value in.

I will discover those companies, and reach out to them.

I will be an inspiration to others by “doing the work”, trying and failing, falling down and getting up, by being relentless; because it is the relentless who prove themselves worthy of their next position.

I will consider this time a great gift; I have time to do things that those with jobs don’t; a mid-morning hike, an afternoon at the beach, a movie in the middle of the day…

I will realize that my situation is likely a hell of a lot less distressing than many in my position, and I will feel grateful and fortunate.

I will support my employed partner or spouse by being positive, and helping around the house, and showing in a real way that I am giving 100% to get back on my feet. I will earn their respect by demonstrating true relentless effort. I know they will believe in me and love me if I do.

I am unemployed. But I won’t be for long……..

Your Thoughts?

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