An email to God

Dear God,

Can you hear me now? I pray (pun fully intended) our connection is strong.
Some of us haven’t spoken with you in a while; I think we feel some unease at not contacting you often enough, but it’s pretty crazy down here, and it takes a lot of energy crawling through this thing you gave us called life.  

God, why do you make it so difficult for us to understand what you’re all about? I am amazed at the reactions the mere mention of your name elicits from otherwise ordinary people. When you think about the history of our nation and this civilization, it’s got to be irritating to you to know that many of the most despicable, violent acts we humans have ever committed were in your name. We know you admire our loyalty, but it appears that there are some who feel such an absolute, unwavering affinity with you that they feel they can represent you, and as it turns out, they are a hot mess – they look fine on the outside, but inside those heads of theirs…  

To catch you up quickly: there were some Christian ministers who prayed with leaders of other religious faiths; they were threatened with the loss of their jobs –  some have received death threats.  A group of Muslims are trying to build a community center in New York City. Some not-so-nice naysayers are claiming the group is attempting to create Islamic domination in America. The last time I checked, Islam represented about .05% of all people who identify with a specific faith. A nice Presbyterian minister named Jane is really getting hammered by the suits in her organization for marrying a handful of people who love each other. I should probably be more specific; the people who love each other in this case were of the same gender. Those persnickety Presbyterians who are pillorying her sure do have a bee in their bonnet. There’s a Republican lady in Alaska who supports the freedom of women to make their own reproductive decisions. This average Joe who was running against her (named Joe) chose to make it the primary focus of his campaign. I thought that was funny, because Average Joe and his fellow Joes have always had reproductive choice. I don’t know why he’s going berserk; he needs to sit down and shut his pie hole. Is that a sin?  

Have you also been noticing the microscopic number of Muslims exhibiting their bad behavior on this planet nowadays seem to be getting all the attention, as if these (mostly) young (mostly) men represent the majority of those in that faith? My fellow humans are quite kerfuffled about this. Finally, if you were to scan a TV you’d see all of these businesspeople earning money by claiming they know you personally. They’re called televangelists in our country. One of life’s big mysteries, Lord: why are they all such horrible dressers? These people are said to have more money than, well…you; why are they the poster children for What Not to Wear?  

Many of your disciples feel that if folks interpret you in a way that’s contrary to what they believe, they are anything from misinformed to evil.  

Here’s the deal, God: we don’t know what to make of you. I think you derive some measure of pleasure from our global bewilderment, don’t you? Using card room-speak; your poker face is immovable; no tells, no inclinations and no tendencies. Pretty impressive, but these people down here are betting all in that you are who THEY say you are. Could give us a little help, please?  You gave us an infinite range of ways to give you your props, akin to a buffet line, where we are free to pick and choose which dogma we identify most closely with. We like this. Just a smidgen of clarification on a few issues, however, would be most helpful.  

I may be asking for too much; I understand. Free will needs to be just that. I never argue about you with people, because I know what I don’t know, and that’s a lot – but to hear them, with this certainty in their voices…they are really something. I just listen, and take it all in.  

That’s all the words I have for you today. We talk fairly regularly, so I’ll ping you later in the week.  


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