20 Questions

Is is it even remotely possible that we are an accident in our immediate galaxy?

If all 535 members of Congress vanished tomorrow, would it be a good start?

Can blended scotch ever be as good as a single malt?

Is it OK to tell a little lie?

Why do spokesholes on TV lie all the time?

Have you ever thought about ending your life?

Are racism and homophobia just as prevalent in the progressive community as other groups of Americans?

Why is NPR so damn great?

Do we really need TV shows called Judge Judy and Judge Mathis and Judge Joe?

Is it really a human when it’s 20 days old in the womb?

Is organized religion really as important as we like to make it out to be?

Why do people cut in line and cut you off on the freeway?

Do we have the best health care system on earth?

Have you ever yearned?

What four things has Nancy Pelosi done that are wrong?

Why is “Modern Family” so funny?

Can you love a soldier and hate a war?

Would you cheat on your partner if you knew they’d never find out?

Why is the history of the Roman Empire fascinating?

How do you stop feeling sad?

The answer to all of these questions is: “I’m not sure. What do you think?”

We talk and talk and tweet and text. We all have so much to say because we’re so smart, we tell ourselves.

Perhaps knowledge and different ways of thinking can come to you by the lost art of pure…listening.

Your Thoughts?

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