I’m Your Straight Male Friend-President

I have been called an honorary girl, one of the nicest things that anyone has ever said to me, because I knew what it meant. I seem to have an ear tuned to recieve certain female frequencies.

Women? I love them. They smell good, they look good, they are complex, like a 200 dollar bottle of Cabernet- luscious, layered, and a little tannic. They are maddeningly complex yet simple, all at the same time. Women are a hundred hues of blue, a thousand shades of red, a million shades of gray. Women are not opaque; they are a tapestry of emotions and flavors. They are to be empowered and honored and revered.

Some women are mysterious. They are bad girls, bookish, boyish. Some are vapid and venal; others graceful and charming. Some girls are stupid. Some are Secretary of State.

They are blondes, redheads and brunettes, a kalidescope of shades and colors. They are tall and petite, voluptous vamps and skinny bitches, every size and shape imaginable.

Some are bat shit crazy- others, a calming balm.  They are our mothers and daughters and sisters and girlfriends and wives and galpals and lovers and grandmothers and the unbelieveably irresistable Girl Next Door.

Women are sultry, severe, salient, soothing, sincere, saintly and salacious. They are our fantasy, our dream and our nightmare. They run the world, but don’t get paid fairly for it.

They are our playmates and soulmates and brainmates. They posit, prattle and proselytize.

They are our compass, our navigation, our guiding light and our Raison d’être.

What is not to love about this curvy, intoxicating, uniquely gifted creature?

I want to tell them stories.

Straight Male Friend is a project that has real potential. We’re planning a roll out of a full-feature media brand, with intelligent discourse, a little wackiness and a lot of information. A place for women to learn about men, using modern communication tools and (my job) sensitive and probing storytelling about subjects deep, dark and blissful.

I am a manly man, yes, but my ear seems to hear things many men don’t (or don’t care to). I can hear their pain, I can pick up on their varying degrees of angst and passion. I like asking them questions about themselves, and I like that when I ask for a sentence, I get a paragraph.

I have gathered gaggles of girls and posed questions on topics we’d like to cover. All I have to do is use the proper words to set it up, and that candle is lit. I sit back and watch them chitchatchitchatchitchat. I know we are onto something.

I have so many things right now to do: I’ve made a vow to go to school and get my degree and my PhD. I write, I work, I search for deeper meanings and bold paths to blaze. I’m a fairly serious person. Straight Male Friend is just for fun, and getting paid for having fun ain’t half bad. My friend Marcus Osborne, the inspiration and CEO, is committed to giving it a try. I have some bandwidth right now. Hell, why not?

The current site is craptacular; bad colors, busy, un-navigable. We know this. November first-ish we roll out a new WordPress site with a open house/happy hour soft launch, and then we’ll blow it up. Multimedia content, live events, the whole kitchen sink.

Get a taste of the content by clicking here.

Our contribution to the never-ending battle of the sexes? Knowledge….


(5/7/2012) Note from John: I am no longer associated with this company. The blog and the enterprise continue, however. 

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