Fear of Success- Why it’s Rational

I spent some time last week talking with a friend about what success “feels” like.

I told her I was a bit afraid of it.

When you are a success at something, you have something to lose. It’s a little bit like happiness –  being sad all the time means you have no unpredictability. When you hit a home run in business, it can all come crashing down. Many people put off dreams because of this very counterintuitive but oddly normal state of mind.

I’m afraid, but not that afraid. I vowed to keep starting companies until one sticks, but first…to see each one all the way through and give it every reasonable shot.

So I’m not afraid of FAILURE, but success?

I’m going to get over it. I want a nice house! I’ll ask for a push from a friend when I think I might be slowing my momentum.

Your Thoughts?

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