How to Get Your Money

It’s a new week. The fuel tank is on F. Time to get back to the business of business.

Everybody has a good idea. Very, very few of us are willing to see it all the way to the starting line. You’ll notice I didn’t say the finish line, for the work required just to get something started is a road littered with potholes, IED’s, monsters and snipers.

Stop denying us your genius. Do your work. It’s hard, and that means it’s worth it.

How will you pay for your brilliant idea? There’s much help available. Venture capital financing is not a winner for everyone, but it might be perfect for you.

Check out the local program “Forum” on KQED Public Media (88.5 fm)this morning at 10, to hear one of the pioneers of the VC world discuss how it works. You can grab the podcast later here. This guy thought Hotmail and Skype were worth investing in, so…

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