“I’d like you to meet our President…”

We had the launch party for our new company last night in downtown San Francisco.

Friends showed up, because that’s what they do. Some journalists showed up to cover the event, some fans of the blog stopped by to meet me and the rest of the executive team, and a few stragglers wandered in as well.

We walked around with iPads, showing everyone the new site, absolutely incomplete but at least finally live ( a proper redirect on the URL will be job #1 today), and got some good feedback.

I am confident we have the right mix of editorial on the site-this was confirmed to me several times last night when a few women said “I really like your writing, but I don’t get (other writer)…” That is perfect, because I’m positive someone walked up to Marcus and Matty last night and said, “What’s with John Scott and that lovey-dovey Harlequin romance crap? Your stuff is so much better!”


My partners grabbed me at various times of the evening, saying “There’s someone you need to meet…”

We’d walk up to Mr. / Ms. Important and Marcus or Matty would say, “This is John Scott, he’s the President of the company.”

Every time they said it, I got a bit of a shiver.


I am fully aware that at this exact moment, it’s a title and nothing else- but  I earned this, and now it’s up to me to do something with it.

This venture we are starting doesn’t require millions of dollars of VC money; it has cost us a whole lot of not much so far! It’s an ideal platform to practice the art of entrepreneurship.

Fear of success is an entirely different emotion than fear of failure. I am keenly aware of my unease about success; I’m nervous it will change me, make me “different”. I vow to get over it. That’s why you have friends and family- they remind you you’re still you, and you like that.

Last night was special. There will be never be another Launch Night for SMF Media. I’m going to cherish it a bit today, and soak up the satisfaction that we made it to the Start line. Now we need to start running to the Finish.

I’ll take you along for the ride, if you’d like to buy a ticket.

Your Thoughts?

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