Eating your Young

Kronos had some major issues back in his day.

According to Greek mythology, this fellow was the second ruler of the universe. One day, an oracle warned him that one of his kids would have him overthrown. This meeting happened about the same time he found out his wife was pregnant with their first child.

As soon as she had the baby, he took the kid and ate it.

She got pregnant a few more times, so old Kronos had to keep eating the children so he could keep his luxe gig.

This is the origin of a phrase called the Kronos Effect: Eating your young, or in 2011 business parlance, a dominant company trying to devour their potential brilliant rivals while these

other companies are still babies, destroying successors before they have an opportunity to defeat you.

Clear Channel Radio’s HR/ Payroll system is called Kronos.

Your Thoughts?

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