I’m In the Bay Area, and You’re Not

Twitter is here.

Facebook is here.

YouTube is here.

craigslist is here.

Skype is here.

StumbleUpon is here.

Stanford is here.

Apple is here.

Straightmalefriend is here.

 Lucasfilm is here.

Blogger is here.

Wikipedia is here.

Yahoo! is here.

Digg is here.

Flickr is here.

Adobe is here.

Netflix is here.

Dreamworks is here.

Bebe is here.

Gap is here.

OpenTable is here.

Photobucket is here.

SalesForce is here.

Yelp is here.

WordPress is here.

Wired is here.

Pandora is here.

Pixar is here.

PayPal is here.

Google is here.

At any moment there are 23,000 startups open in Silicon Valley.


I could go on, but enough bragging.

You want to know why the San Francisco Bay Area is mocked, ridiculed, stereotyped, criticized and pilloried? Jealousy and ignorance.

The greatest concentration of brilliant, creative people on Earth live in these 9 counties. The people who were beaten up, teased, dismissed, rejected and tormented as geeky young adults living in other places find refuge within these 9 counties, a safe place for them to be themselves. We have developed the most influential creative class in the history of the world. Just about everything that has ever been invented related to tech and media was invented here.

Yes, we have a lot of freaks, but our freaks are special- they rule the universe and every aspect of your digital lifestyle. Every keystroke and click of yours is influenced by someone or something that most likely occurred here, first.

I wondered aloud the other night why these 9 counties are so mystical and crazy. I tried to figure out why this area is so precious and parochial. I wondered how we got so lucky to be surrounded by this bay and ocean and these incredible vistas, parks, trails and open space.

There are great cities, large and small, all over the country and the world.  New York City would like to submit its arguments for superiority, and their case would be powerful and compelling. I happen to love Cedar Rapids, Iowa very much. There are many awesome places in America, and you live there.

I arrived in the Bay Area not by genius or a grand plan, but as a result of a random phone call- I got lucky.

This place is like no other place.

This is my home. I live in the Bay Area, California Republic.

Your Thoughts?

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