Lose Your Job, Find a Life

A note from Chip Conley, CEO of Joie de Vivre hotels. He’s an awesome guy- and not just because he likes my post. He’s a visionary and a success in life. What an honor.  I’ve pasted some of his words and a link to my story, below.


Abraham Maslow and Viktor Frankl both suggested that the person who loses their job is best-suited to find another means of keeping themselves active while in the process of seeking new employment, whether this be volunteering for a cause they believe in or working for free in an industry about which they’re curious.  Quite often, the opposite occurs.  The shock of getting laid off leads to a negative spiral of other collateral damage and this newly unemployed person becomes sedentary while their esteem plummets.

John Scott emailed me out of the blue not long ago and asked if I would be his mentor as he wanted to tell me his story of loss and redemption (a particularly good tale around Easter time).  John came to my office and gave me the honor of allowing me to read his story below which touched me deeply.  Because I thought it might be meaningful to those you know and care about, John is permitting me to share it with you.  Hope you enjoy it.  Maybe you can be Mr. Syracuse in someone’s life.

Here’s the post…

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