How Dreams Begin

I had a conversation tonight with a special person who had a dream, but didn’t really know they did.

It started with me listening, and this person venting about a job they could love, if only a million things were different.

I reminded them of the fact that they already knew in their heart; if only things were different. It is what it is.

The venting complete and sanity restored, I asked this person, “Let me float an impossible idea your way…”

I floated. They listened.

Now, the best part; my phone friend took the impossible and started to make it real. They started to visualize the possible. We discussed roadblocks, challenges and options.

Phone Friend was getting excited, their voice free of pain and stress and filled with energy. What a joy to listen to their words.

When I hung up the phone, I knew my friend had just started a company.

They’re going to follow through. I’d bet my life on them.

More on follow through, tomorrow.

Your Thoughts?

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