Google is Toast, Ratings are BS, and What about Apple?

Some knowledge dropped this week from my colleague Richard Hart, one of the smartest people I know.

“Microsoft is irrelevant. Google is toast, because it has lost more money in media than just about anybody.” They got Google Maps right, but they don’t make any money on it.
They got YouTube right, but they don’t make any money on that either.  Index search is going away, and that’ll kill them. Half of Internet activity is done from mobile devices, but none of that is Google search! Google search is less than 1% of all activity. Small companies is where the change is. So that’s where we are moving our money.”
The dirty little secret about Nielsen is that the numbers are invalid.  If they reported actual, full viewer numbers, ad rates would collapse.  Viewership is not what Nielsen says it is. Flash video is dead. That video war between Google and Apple? Apple will win in a
walk, with H.264. Google and Adobe backed the wrong horse. Apple buys more than half the flash memory in the world.  Nobody can touch them on supply costs.

The most important thing to creative professionals  today — as big as the PC, TV, and social media?

These words, paraphrased, are from Roger McNamee. He’s one of the biggest investors in Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and a hundred media companies. He sits on the  boards of Forbes and National Geographic. Co-Founder of Silver Lake Partners, a monster VC on Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto.

Watch a few of McNamee’s words here.

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