Absolute Power, Corrupt

The United States government has abdicated their responsibility to look out for the citizens of the nation.

The stock market is tanking, our nation’s credit has been downgraded, the housing scam perpetrated by the biggest banks in the world have been allowed has largely been ignored – we are in a big, bad mess.

There is a way to fix it.

Starting with the next election, we should conduct a bloodless revolution. VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

All of them.

The only way the powerful will learn to listen to us is to enact our own term limits- either serve the people, or get out of Washington.

I’m disgusted with the 2 major political parties. The actions of these people are destroying our nation. I’m very sad and so very disappointed with the President and the Congress for their failure to lead. They would rather keep their cushy jobs than make the correct decisions for our country.

The Bell Tolls for Thee, professional politicans. I’m in favor of war- at the ballot box.

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