Hidden in Plain Sight – Your Future

I met a good friend the other day for lunch. We ordered salads and started talking about food; she’s getting pretty smart on the subject.

She was going on about her nutritional experience and schooling, and how excited she is to be growing her knowledge about food. She’s been detoxing from “bad” food and eating only stuff that’s really good for her.

She has a rich media background, and had been a successful journalist and entertainer, but has been out of work for quite a while. She said she’s getting restless- it’s time to get serious about the job search.

This is the moment I am always a little surprised. I lean in toward her.

“OK. You realized you just described your dream job, right?”


“You like food and nutrition. You have education in a specialty category. You love it, and you live the lifestyle. You know how to create media for multiple platforms. You’re a hell of a writer. So you’re going to launch a multimedia blog and podcast about your expertise, and you’ll attract the community of folks who share your love for the subject, and you’re going to make connections, and you can consult…”


Over a simple lunch, my friend determined her future. The funny thing was she didn’t realize it. There it was, hidden in plain sight.

I just saved my friend from frustrating hours of posting resumes to Nowhere In Particular. Notice I didn’t do anything. She did all the work, describing her passion and expertise. All I did was shine a little light in that dark corner where The Dream was hiding.

You know what you can do. Stop looking hither and yon- it’s usually right in front of you!


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