Hospice for a Social Network

Consider the rise and fall of a SNS we were all on, once. This is the chart for MySpace.

I thought Matt Hartley in Canada’s Financial Post  summed it up pretty well. How the once mighty have fallen. Funny that Justin Timberlake, who played Napster co-founder Sean Parker in The Social Network, is dabbling with MySpace.

Cache can certainly be a tenuous state. We are actually hearing (anecdotal) stories of young people rejecting iPhones, because their parents have one!

Relevance and staying power are brutal to maintain in a world where a new shiny object flies in front of our faces every 1o seconds. I have no earthly idea why AOL chooses to continue to identify itself as…AOL. So what do the people who have an interest in MySpace do next? Google+  is really pretty great, but when I visit, it seems a little too quiet, like a banquet room 1/3 full.

Think about your career. Have you done everything you can to remain relevant? Have you embraced change? Do you understand the business of your chosen business?

It’s really hard to lift off the launch pad, after you’ve crashed. There’s still time. Keep flying.

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