The Meaning of Life, in 45 Seconds

I always knew that Steve Jobs, the recently departed founder of Apple, was special; it took his passing for me to me to truly realize how unique this man was, and to understand the immense contribution he made to our culture.

I found a video clip on YouTube of Jobs this week;  a rare find, a discovery of simple but priceless knowledge, buried in the mountain of idiocy and crassness and mind-numbing chaff that comprises much of the everyday content on the site.

In order to be special, you have to recognize that the people who constructed this world we live in are largely people who are not smarter than you.

To be something other than ordinary is not impossible; in fact, it’s remarkably simple. You have to understand that if you choose to do so, you can change the world around you. It doesn’t mean you have to be a founder of a game-changing mega corporation. It means you have to believe in the power of you- the power to make a difference in your home office, on your block, or even among your circle of close friends.  It doesn’t have to be bold and global in scope to be revolutionary!

Here’s the video, 45 seconds of simple, elegant wisdom, from a guy who understood the power of thinking…different.


Your Thoughts?

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