You CAN Find a Better Job

You can.

You can do it in 2012. You can liberate yourself from the shackles of a career you are either tired of, or even hate!

Yesterday I detailed the grim truth about us, regrettably now the most unequal democracy on Earth. The purveyors of this fantasy called American Exceptionalism (also called big R Republicans) have somehow managed to leave out a few important details. Yes, we have done some great things as a nation. Yes, we have been a beacon of liberty for a couple of centuries. Yes, we have amassed great collective wealth over the decades.

But something has changed in the past 30 years.

The reality now is that many of us have to wear a corporate name tag on a corporate uniform and work in a bizarre state of servitude to the multinationals who write the meager paychecks every two weeks.

Many of us have found ourselves the victim of layoffs, layoffs that have earned the company suits and shareholders big dividends.

Yes, We The People are indeed some of those shareholders, but in the process of profiting we are cannibalizing our nation, and the ones doing most of the feasting are our bosses, and the politicians who represent them.

You have a chance to do your career and your life differently. You can upgrade your mental health and your day to day existence.

You don’t have to be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. You can simply be someone who gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says, “I’m looking forward to today!”

Even in the worst economy in our lifetime, you can reinvent. You may not be able to avoid working for a big company- naturally not all of them are bad actors; there are enormous opportunities before you. I’m working on the list that you can use to escape your ordinary, and transform. I’ll post it as soon as the research is complete.

I want this for you. I’m cheering you on.


Twitter: @johnscottsf


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