How Many Weekends Do You Have Left?


Last week Cyndi and I were figuring out how long we were going to live.

It wasn’t a maudlin exercise; we were discussing the value of getting the most out of the time The Universe  was inclined to give us. I did some quick calculations on average life expectancy, how many of those remaining years would be “working” years, and I came up with the number.

We have 1,560 weekends left to go.

We pledged to remember that number, and to remind ourselves how precious our days are, and how valuable the next few hundred weekends can be.

Garbageman to Sculptor.

Admin Assistant to Cupcake Queen.

Insurance Magnate to Motorcycle Mechanic.

These kinds of transformations are made by people just like us every week. They take dreary jobs and toss them aside, choosing to make the leap and follow their true calling, their true passion.

You have only so many weekends left. What should you do with the weeks that remain?

Have some fun. Make some dough. Free yourself from the shackles and swing from the monkey bars!

It takes some planning, some budgeting, and some patience, but if you are committed to making a change, you can. You will.

Here is a quick story from Cathy Scott (no relation) about her transformation from Pac Bell drone to successful writer.

Reading her words, I can tell she is happy. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t simple…but she made it.

A new year is about to launch. It’s the perfect time to take stock, and make a plan.

Go for it. You can do this.

Your Thoughts?

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