What a Difference a Year Makes

I have never written anything on Christmas Eve. Writing can be work, and on this most reverential night, I would normally be surrounded by people and doing something besides what I’m doing now.

These past two Christmas Eves I have been alone. This is a new trend, but one that won’t last long.

Christmas 2010 was filled with angst, doubt, sadness and loneliness. My friend Lisa gave me a great gift last year- a little tiny living tree with some cute little micro-ornaments on it. I lit it Christmas Eve and looked at it for a couple hours, drinks in hand, bewildered at my predicament.

Christmas 2011 is different. Everything has changed. Everything is better. Everything is okay.

This has always been my favorite night of the year, hands down. I love this night more than any other. I like that stores close, streets become empty, and lights shimmer from roofs and porches and patios. I like that Christmas music is ubiquitous.

I like that many people are with other people. Their people.

There is not a shred of guilt I’m feeling for being a  little old fashioned. One night, one evening a year…I like to dial it down and be quiet.

I am alone tonight, but I don’t feel lonely: not even a little bit.

A road trip was completed a couple of days ago. Tomorrow I will show you where I went, why I went there, and what song on XM was playing when I arrived. Maybe you have been where I have been- not literally, but in spirit.. I bet you have.

Merry Christmas.


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