The Ten Commandments

Since the original ones were cafted in the Bronze Age, I thought I would take the liberty of updating them.  I won’t be submitting this update to any religious authority, but I think if I can manage to follow most of these, good things will come my way.

Maybe you should make a list, and put it in a place where you notice it occasionally.

1) Love yourself.

2) You don’t have to accept an invitation to every argument you’re invited to.

3) Know that the gift of love to another, asking nothing in return, is the best gift you can give someone

4) Be worthy of the respect you ask for.

5) Be loyal.

6) Do the work you really want to do and stop making excuses.

7) Be curious.

8) Sometimes you should just shut up. Not every story you want to tell is a bestseller.

9) Most of the time, it actually isn’t all about you.

10) Believe that your tomorrow can be better than today.



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