You will see many of the same people on your way down that you saw on the way up.  A cliche, yes; but cliches are truths.

If you were a tyrant as a boss, you can plan on a whole bunch of people  abandoning  you in your time of need.

Are you answering emails and LinkedIn messages from “nobodies”?

Do you return phone calls from vendors and hustlers?

Are you willing to take meetings with random people with crazy ideas?

Do you take a few minutes every day to allow someone to tell you how their weekend was?

Is your door really open?

Have you exhibited strong character when things get tough?

Have you set a good example?

What goes up, always comes down, for 99% of us at some point in our life.

Be kind now. Chances are you are going to need some of these folks later; and by the way, they will likely be very happy to help you.

To those of you who had my back when life was caving in around me…


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