Tweets on Toilet Paper?

I just can’t help myself: LOL!
Please take a gander at this:


Tweets on toilet paper, from a  company called Shitter.

Shitter allows you to have a roll of TP  printed with your own personal tweets. A Mashable article reports if there’s someone on Twitter you think has particularly crappy things to say, you can opt to have his or her feed printed on a few rolls.

Shitter rolls are priced at $35 for a pack of four.


When I evangelize about reinvention, this is exactly what I mean.

Shitter (and I laugh every time I type it) could have been created on a commute home from a job you don’t like that much.

An idea like this can come from a harried mom or dad with 4  kids and a mortgage. It can come from a marketing major just out of school who’s otherwise  pulling espresso at Starbucks.

Shitter is going to sell a few rolls, I’m guessing. Brilliant.

Reinvention is possible, if you see a great (or silly) idea all the way to the starting line, even while you are still living your “old” life.




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