Where Are The Men?

The stereotypes look something like this:

Young men: playing video games for hours, living at home, wandering unfocused through life.

Young women: graduating from university at a higher rate, goal-oriented and responsible, ready to take it all and have it all.

In 2010, women in their late teens and early 20s earned about 95 cents for every dollar a man earned, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ analysis of median weekly earnings data.

The pay gap grows as women age, and we know why- children, and the gaps in the resumes the kids can be responsible for.

Hannah Rosin wrote an article last year in The Atlantic titled “The End of Men”, where she aggressively opined

Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history. Most managers are now women too. And for every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same. For years, women’s progress has been cast as a struggle for equality. But what if equality isn’t the end point? What if modern, postindustrial society is simply better suited to women?

It’s not that men can’t bring their A game; it feels like some don’t want to.

Here are some more words on the subject from Allison Linn, writing for Today.

Hearing 20 and 30-something women tell me they are willing to look at dating and marrying older men now makes some sense. These women want men, not boys, as partners. They seek emotional and intellectual equals, and they’re disappointed the  young guys don’t wish to keep up.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Your Thoughts?

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