Weekend Read: Revenge of the Micromanager


It’s the weekend, and you feel more relief than joy. We may know why.

Is your boss a micromanager?

These are managers who want to be involved in every step of each assignment they give to their employees. They ask for more frequent reports than are needed, and generally want to exercise as much control as possible over what their subordinates do.

With few exceptions, micromanagement is terrible for the employees as well as the organization.

Read all about it in this post on today’s Wall Street Journal.

They drain you of your energy. They sap your confidence. These nit picky helicopter bosses hover over you like a coddled child. You feel claustrophobic. There’s no room to move.

You reach a point where you want to toss the thumb drive at Micromanager and say, “The hell with you! YOU do it!”

Because you are wise, you don’t do it.

You take the weekend and try to breathe, to forget about that project. Micromanager emails you on a Saturday afternoon. Really?


If you are this person, stop it. Your insecurity and control issues are causing your employees to hate you.

If you are being tormented by this person, follow a couple of the steps the Journal blog suggests.

Managers are people, perfectly imperfect, just like we are. Managers need to be managed- we forget that.

I want you to have more good weekends, and not dread Mondays so much.

Work the problem- craft your plan.

The only solution might end up being a very slight reinvention- at a competitor.






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