Team You: Don’t Go It Alone


I have analog (flesh and blood) friends of all age groups, composed of wildly variant educational and socioeconomic strata, and diverse orientations and races. I genuinely care about all of them.

Some of my friends are practically next door. Some are far away. Some are geographically close yet feel more distant than I would like. Some are far-flung but feel right here with me.

I’m thinking today about my relationship with them, and how I can enrich them. I’m thinking about being a better friend to them.

I generally do not recommend self-help books;  unless they are academically based, they tend to be gimmicky, designed to separate you from your money. I tend to default to parsimony on this topic: the simplest explanation is usually the right one, unless or until you have reasons to dig deeper.

There was something about Keith Ferrazzi’s book Who’s Got Your Back, however, that resonated with me. Ferrazzi, also bestselling author of Never Eat Alone, makes the following simple conclusion: you can’t go it alone and really achieve much.

Presidents have cabinets. Athletes have strength coaches. CEO’s have boards. Someone has to be with you for you to be your best.

I liked a few parts of this book, because Ferrazzi lays out some fairly simple strategies for creating your own “team” of people who can help you get to the starting line. This is applicable in business, in matters of the heart, in all parts of our life.

You can be on someone’s team. Someone else can be on yours. Maybe your “friendship” is reciprocal…i.e. for a reason. That’s not phony; it’s honest, a win-win for both of you.

The idea of being the guy “at the table”, or “in the room”, has always intrigued me. I love the notion of speaking truth to power, in an environment where my words would have gravity and weight, and where honesty and respect rules. That’s the essence of Ferrazzi’s book.

Who wants to tackle life’s biggest challenges in solitude?

Ready to reinvent?

Get someone to join Team You.

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