A True Independence Day

Over the years, Nic Lucas has become a specialist at reinventing his own career. After spending time in the finance industry, retail industry, and music industry as a young adult, he returned to school and then university to become a scientist. Nic then trained as a Osteopath, ran his own practices over 10 years, became a lecturer, and then undertook a PhD in medical diagnosis.

Nic has also started his own publishing company, become the editor of a scientific journal and began a successful international speaking career. He has started an education company, a digital marketing consulting company, developed his own online software platforms, written a number of books and most recently started a coaching business to help professionals implement the strategies that he has used to help them emulate his own success.

Wow!  That’s a lot of reinvention.

Check out his site. He is selling some stuff, yes, but the free form gets you the “guide” that might be a kick starter for you.

Your independence day comes when you decide to take the jump off the cliff.  It’s scary walking up to the edge, but then after you jump you feel alive like you’ve never felt before.

Happy Fourth. I’m cheering you on.   JS

John Scott is a Media Professor and the national online learning coordinator for the School of Multimedia Communications, Academy of Art University San Francisco.

He also counsels individuals and groups on the art of reinvention.

His debut book Broken Glass and Barbed Wire will be released soon.

Follow John @johnscottsf on Twitter.

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