The Reinvention of MySpace

Boy, was I wrong.

A few months ago I posited that the granddaddy of social media was dying a slow, painful death.

For a time, it was.


It was full of secondhand information with a third-rate design.

Remember those god-awful profile pages, the music hooks blaring every time you opened a profile, the clunky code?

No more.

MySpace just might be back. Perhaps it never really left.

They had 29 million unique visitors last month. More than Pinterest. More than Spotify. More than Tumblr.

The pages are cleaner, easy to navigate, easy to customize. And the best thing about the “new” MySpace?

It’s not trying to be Facebook.

MySpace is about music discovery, connecting with artists, and listening to a boatload of free songs.

Read this article by Tricia Despres on the five reasons you might want to reconsider and rekindle your MySpace relationship. It’s a good read.

She theorizes that with all of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents on Facebook, it might actually once again be cool for young people to hang out here!

I took the bait. I re-configured my idle-for-four-years profile today, made friends with a couple of bands, and streamed a few songs from Imagine Dragons, Seether and Silversun Pickups.

Justin Timberlake has his hands all over the network, and it’s an upgrade.

I thought I’d  never say it again, and this is going to take some getting used to but…hit me up on MySpace, friend!

Your Thoughts?

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