Thank You


About this time every year, WordPress sends its bloggers a charming recap of how our particular sites performed over the previous 12 months.

I just received my annual report, and was pleased to see we’ve had a little spike in visitors.

We were read in 86 countries in 2012.


If you subscribe to this blog, thanks. If you look once in a while, thank you, too. I appreciate that.

The new year begin with the release of the book, then expect many more words on reinvention,

It will feel good to check that one off the bucket list. Then we will get to work on book #2.

I have pledged to never stop writing. I’ll keep doing it as long as there are eyeballs to see the words.



May your 2013 be filled with two kinds of wonder – the wonder at how great life really is, and the curiosity to find out more.






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