The Revolution Happens February 7

California’s lieutenant governor is ready to drop his new book, and I can’t wait to read it. He’s a reinvention guy, so I’m in already.

Gavin Newsom is not an ordinary political leader. For those of us who believe that politicians have no clue about what’s really happening, you’d be wise to take a closer look at this guy.

He’s not stuck in reverse. He’s not a fan of the old school. He’s curious, in a way that leaders should be. He likes to talk to creative and bold people. He likes to look just over the visible horizon and wonder what’s possible. Very, very few politicians work that way, and this is to our detriment.

Newsom says that spending our way out of problems is the worst way to attack them. We cannot buy solutions. He makes the case for authentic innovation, using the powerful tools we use every day to do everything but participate in our democracy.

This is his new book.

"Citizenville" book coverI have always liked Gavin Newsom. I like his politics, but what I most admire about him is his adoration for the big brainstorm, the “what if” meetings, the desire to learn. Our problems are not intractable. The solutions are right under our noses. The trouble with us is actually…us.

We check out of the process, cynical over the business-as-usual way that most leaders in the political arena operate. We wonder why nothing is getting done.

When little people like you and I can take part in our communities and our state (and our nation) in a way that we actually enjoy, our leaders will listen. They have to – when the people show resolve, leaders obey us.

This book is not about partisan politics. It’s about making change, the change you and I want – in a way that’s finally doable!

Newsom says the future is now, and I believe him.

There’s some good stuff inside “Citizenville”. Check it out on his Amazon page.

Signature photoJohn Scott is a media instructor, online education coordinator and the career services manager at the School of Multimedia Communications, Academy of Art University, San Francisco. John’s debut book ”Destination: Reinvention” will be on sale on Groundhog Day. 

Follow John on Twitter @johnscottsf.

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