When You Love Your Job But Hate Your Boss

This is an awful place to be.

You love coming to work. You enjoy your colleagues. Your work is fulfilling and you’re pretty good at it.

But your boss is a psycho.

Peter Guber is the owner of the Golden State Warriors, the underdog NBA team making some big noise in the playoffs.  He also owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team I hate with the fire of a thousand suns.

But Guber is a winner in business and is a best-selling author too.

Check out this article on how to “manage up” a little better. It’d be a shame to see you leave your position. So many of us do work we don’t love.

This may be your way to fix it.

John Scott is a media studies instructor and the career services manager for the 

School of Multimedia Communications, Academy of Art University San Francisco. Check out his book,“Destination: Reinvention”, on sale now in the Amazon bookstore.

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