Go Ahead. Jump. I Dare You.

On March 15, 2012, Felix Baumgartner performed a live Red Bull commercial.

Well, sort of. He jumped out of a perfectly good capsule 71,000 feet above our little blue planet.

Red Bull used the opportunity to deliver a brilliant commercial message millions of us made an appointment to watch.










You know how you feel when you creep your feet up to the edge of a cliff or the roof of a building. How do you feel? Exhilarated? Terrified?

I am a fan of this guy Baumgartner. He took the jump, against a wave of advice to abandon the feat. He’s a doer, not a wisher.

Such is the act of reinvention. The idea is exhilarating, the process and eventual act scary as hell.

It’s time for you to make a change.

Today, not tomorrow, not next year, not when it’s “convenient.”


Go ahead. Jump. I’ll be there with you on the cliff, the ledge, the capsule. That first step is a doozy, isn’t it?

Baumgartner landed on his feet.

You will, too.

John Scott is a media studies instructor and the career services manager at the School of Multimedia Communications, Academy of Art University San Francisco. Check out John’s book, “Destination: Reinvention”, on sale in the Amazon bookstore. The hardcover edition is on sale now at Lulu. Audiobook available on Audible and iTunes.

















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