How To Be Helpful Without Being Self – Helpy?

Sleazy self-help pic

John's book cover

So this is the really rough draft of the cover of my forthcoming book, out February 2.

I wanted it to scream and convey the following concepts: simple, clean, easy.

I agonized over the title of this thing. I scoured and scrubbed and crawled around the Internet looking at prospective titles, and I was a bit disgusted at what I found. All of these people with books claiming to hold the secret to get you a job in one month, one week…one guy claimed if you followed his “system”, you’d be hired in a day. One day?

I felt dirty after reading some of these; there was a film that was hard to wash off. What a bunch of self-serving tools some of these “self-help” people are!

There is no shortage of “get a job” books, and for good reason – there is plenty of bad news, and it’s intergenerational. Boomers and Millennials are having the same angst about their futures.

I decided to use the subtitle “why” instead of “how”. I didn’t create these ideas; I just read and learned about them from colleagues, students and friends. I found a few things that seemed to work. I’m not selling me. I’m not selling a damn system for success.

Shame on those who are. Seems like it’s about them, not about you. Beware the advice from everyone, including me. Find your own path. Follow your own light.

Grain of salt…

Your Thoughts?

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