You Can Find A Job In Nine Minutes When You Do It This Way

John Scott Reinvention

Here’s a reminder to spend a few minutes a day on you – just you.

You can protest all you like about your ability to multitask. Gen Z’s will absolutely die on that hill. You don’t get it. I can listen to this and play that and still do my homeowrk.  Sure you can.

There is a tidal wave of evidence –  a tsunami of proof – humans work best when we read/write/analyze/deconstruct one thing at a time. I suggested 15 minutes a day would do it. Minutes aside, if you are thinking of making a change, either a big one or just a tweak, budget some moments in your calendar and treat it as holy time, not negotiable.

Our inability to not move forward, the art of procrastination, follows us like a cloud. It’s this little black cloud, right above our heads. It goes where we go. There’s always a person at a party, when asked “What are you up to?” says, “I’m writing a book!” or something similar. The problem is, they haven’t written a word. They want to write a book, and their goal may be to write one, but they haven’t done it. It’s a way of legitimizing procrastination.

If you tell people you’re looking for a new career opportunity, but you’re not applying for jobs or contacting colleagues, the black cloud is right above you. It’s exhausting, right?

One email. One phone message. One thing. If you can manage to send one email or fill out one application today, you did it! You did SOMETHING. The black cloud starts breaking up. No one’s asking you to dig in for 12 hours, but if you do nothing that’s zero hours and zero minutes.

Give yourself the gift of time. It adds up. 10-15 minutes a day, five days a week for 50 weeks adds up to 62.5 hours a year – almost two full work weeks.

What a great investment in you.

Contact John and he’ll help you invest in you. Find him here.

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