Eight Signs It’s Time To Liberate Yourself From That Toxic Job

We stay in toxic relationships longer than we should. This applies to our personal and professional lives. We know what is familiar, and that knowledge gives us tools to adapt. Something new and scary is always tougher to imagine and predict.

Let’s think about tomorrow for a couple of minutes.

Liz Ryan is the founder of Human Workplace, based in Colorado. She’s is pretty tough on this subject of toxicity. Follow her on LinkedIn. She drops a lot of great knowledge about work and the workplace. She’s a good ongoing resource.

The career contessa is one of many websites devoted to helping you navigate your career. This list of eight is pretty spot on. How many of these do you check off?

8 warning signs it's time to quit your job

Read the full listicle from the career contessa here.

You know in your heart you have to move on. You need to work to pay the pandemic bills, but a new opportunity can make it so much easier.

I swear it’s true. If you jump off that cliff, you’ll land on your feet. Go for it.

Windows of opportunity only open so many times. Are you ready to go through it? John’s here.

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