Nobody Cares About The Generalist

If you are someone who can do twelve different things, and all of them pretty well, you are a great future employee for a smart company.

But that’s not the reason they are going to hire you.

You do one thing exceptionally. You do one thing better than many other people do, and you like doing it.

That’s called passion.

A company is looking to fill a specific niche when they tweet or post an opening. They want a person who can do that one thing well. We cannot represent ourselves as a social media maven and a sales animal and a brilliant app developer when we’re applying for a job. The listing likely didn’t ask us to be all of those things.

Even if you can do the above three tasks with ease, focus your strategy on the specific job title and its duties. We think if we don’t lay out a laundry list of skills and abilities it might make us seem less awesome.

We need to be awesome at the position and skill set the company is recruiting for. The fact that we have other skills and talents will only make us more valuable to the team as time goes on.

What are you good at? What do you like to do? Let’s laser beam focus on that.

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