You Deserve To Get Paid For The Stuff You Know

Intelligence in job interviews

The basis for the company I founded last year is simple. It’s mine.

Pensions are a relic of the past. Your 401(k) puts the responsibility of managing your retirement in your hands. 

The same thing is happening with jobs.

Call it freelancing, side hustles…all those words are good. The future of work is… income generation. That sounds stupid obvious. It’s always been about generating an income. But hear me out.

Who are we generating income for?

More and more of us are relying on ourselves to earn extra (or primary) income. Staff jobs are disappearing. Machines are replacing people in many categories of work. This is fundamentally altering the economic system in America.

Twitch, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat…all of these platforms are places to “work.” As your content generates views, you get paid via subscription or sponsors.  It can be hugely profitable for some. For most of us, it would be a little side hustle.  The point is, you are proving you have value, and the stuff you know and can contribute also has value, to a company or another person.

I can’t tell you how many times a YouTube video has helped me fix our car. The mechanic knows stuff about my car.  S/he shares that content with me. I do the repair. Win-win.

Millions of us have already started practicing for the future. The Covid pandemic forced us to work from home. There we might have developed a side hustle or two. Out of necessity to survive, a bunch of us had to drive for Lyft, shop for Instacart, deliver for Amazon.

Why give all your cash to TaskRabbit? Do something that’s yours! You can do this. I’m not telling you to start coding and create an app.  I’m suggesting, over the long term, calling the shots for yourself with a hustle you love doing makes you accountable to you. And a post-Covid world will have different rules for work. Many of us are demanding more flexibility in our jobs. Some employers are listening. What can you do with your time, and that amazing brain of yours?

What’s your hustle? John’s happy to help you find out. Contact him here.

Your Thoughts?

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