Covid Unemployed? Help Is On The Way

John Scott Reinvention

 There are two things going on during this K-shaped economic recovery.

K shaped recovery

Some are recovering quite nicely. Others continue to struggle. That’s what makes the K.

Service industries are practically pleading for employees. Even factories and companies who need skilled labor are desperate!

If you are above 40, you are constantly discriminated against in the workplace. You are discriminated in a way that’s so transparent and obvious it would be comical if it wasn’t so terribly real. And it’s almost impossible to prove.

They will have you believe no one wants you. They will have you believe you’re destined to watch from the sidelines for the rest of your life. They will have you believe our only courses of action are to be a greeter at a big box store or bag groceries. 40+, and you’re done? 

They will have you believe the machines are making you permanently non-essential.

Let’s not forget Millennials, who experience identical discrimination and identical emotional exhaustion when they experience long bouts of joblessness, saddled with college loans and tough prospects. The young(er) and the old(er) have much in common. Gen Z is coming up right now; the most diverse generation ever will experience less of this.

But too many of us are expending tremendous amounts of emotional currency chasing a goal with all the wrong tools in the toolbox. We’re networking, we’re polishing the resume, we’re applying here and there and we wonder – why isn’t it happening?

The self-help profit prophets who promise to pave your path to riches and success at a hotel ballroom seminar are really not good. The person they are most interested in helping is themselves.

You see, there is really nothing wrong with you. Self-help tends to start with your imperfections. I disagree. You’re already okay. Save your money.

Our government, our society and culture will have to evolve to help the un-rich survive as the machines and surveillance capitalism continue to monitor and then replace us.

The K will hopefully start coming together. And you are good enough. Head up. Keep going. You can solve problems and every company needs you, today.

Let’s bend that K! I’m cheering you on.

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