Do You Know Who You Are? Here’s One Way To Find Out

John Scott Reinvention

We’ve all seen those quizzes on social media. “Which Bachelor Contestant Are You?” “How Californian Are You?” This is one that will help you answer the most important question ever; who are you, anyway? This chart is the visual result of a questionnaire I took on , a French company focused on helping you get the answers that for many of us, are so elusive. You fly through 20 questions, clicking the one that feels best. There are no right or wrong answers. They generate some charts for you when you’re done.

My chart is pretty much me. I’m accountable, a strategic thinker, and not all that patient.

John Scott Reinvention This isn’t the first quiz of its kind, it’s just one I found, liked, and wanted to share with you. Anything that will get you closer to the answer will be the equivalent of seeing a crash cleared off a freeway.

The wreckage is gone. Time to drive.

 John will ride shotgun with you on your journey of reinvention. Ask him here.

Your Thoughts?

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