Remember Where You Came From

It was an easy drive this morning. The Bay Bridge was effortless, for a change. I headed east on the 24 freeway to Oakland's Montclair district, parked the Tacoma, and walked into Nelly's Organic Java on Mountain Boulevard. Seeing Claudia and Nelly is like visting with old neighbors - it's not melancholy at all. I … Continue reading Remember Where You Came From

You are a Brand

Starbucks was once a humble Seattle coffee shop. It's now the modern-day equivalent of a soda fountain from the 1950s. Look at the two images below: Here's 1955: The similarities are striking. Starbucks is no longer really about coffee.  This past Saturday Cyndi and I stopped by a store in San Francisco's Financial District, and the one … Continue reading You are a Brand