Managing the Manager

Bill Lumbergh,played by Gary Cole in the epic film Office Space, is quite possibly the worst boss who has ever lived. He's smarmy, he's plastic, and  he's oblivious to the feelings of the people who work with him. Bill Lumbergh is a jerk, and he is universally hated by everyone he encounters. When I think … Continue reading Managing the Manager

Bad Resumes Happen to Good People

Words matter. Use the wrong ones, you just lost that job. I have done it myself a number of times. I looked at an early version of the resume I put together during the big job search in 2010. It wasn't great.  Lesson learned. Grab your resume and let's look together. Okay. Remove the objective. … Continue reading Bad Resumes Happen to Good People

Monday Read: When the Paper Trail Starts

I knew it was coming; I could feel it in the air.  The vibe from the HR manager was frosty that final month. The end was coming. The signs were evident in that period of time before I was laid off.  I had reinvented personally at least 3 times in that building over the years. As we … Continue reading Monday Read: When the Paper Trail Starts

People Everywhere, But No Friend in Sight

When researchers look at the human condition of loneliness, we would at first glance assume the studies focus on the elderly, or perhaps single young people living in big cities. There's a relatively new field of loneliness research I discovered in this article in last Sunday's New York Times - the workplace. Go into your office today … Continue reading People Everywhere, But No Friend in Sight

Don’t Forget Your Achievements

You have done an amazing number of things in your life. You just don't remember you did! If you are contemplating reinvention, or changing jobs, or anything that takes you away from the situation you are in, you need to spend some time having a long conversation with you. You need to remind yourself what … Continue reading Don’t Forget Your Achievements