Inbox Archaeology

A few years ago I checked my Yahoo!  email Sent Items. I haven't used this account in forever, and being stuck at home during Covid makes you do things you wouldn't normally do. The folder is set to list items by date, so I went all the way back. What I found was astonishing. I … Continue reading Inbox Archaeology

Why You Should Decide Everything Before Lunch

Decisions, Decisions. We make countless decisions every day; what to wear, what to have for lunch, and whether we want a blue car or a silver one. We also make decisions that have grave consequences. This is the best article I have read this year - from the New York Times Magazine. Read this, and be … Continue reading Why You Should Decide Everything Before Lunch

Hidden in Plain Sight – Your Future

I met a good friend the other day for lunch. We ordered salads and started talking about food; she's getting pretty smart on the subject. She was going on about her nutritional experience and schooling, and how excited she is to be growing her knowledge about food. She's been detoxing from "bad" food and eating … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight – Your Future

Absolute Power, Corrupt

The United States government has abdicated their responsibility to look out for the citizens of the nation. The stock market is tanking, our nation's credit has been downgraded, the housing scam perpetrated by the biggest banks in the world have been allowed has largely been ignored - we are in a big, bad mess. There … Continue reading Absolute Power, Corrupt