A letter To My Late Brother

Hello Carlton, I was thinking about you this morning, and decided to drop you a quick note to catch you up on things. I know you're not great at keeping in touch; I don't take it personally, it's just how you are. Things are a bit frenetic this week. I'm moving in February, and we'll … Continue reading A letter To My Late Brother

Absolute Power and Chocolate Cake

I had lunch with him once. I was the morning  radio host at a radio station in Dallas. The call came mid morning- lunch with The Boss- you in? Yeah, I was in. I remember being pretty excited about it. The guy was a player- I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. We … Continue reading Absolute Power and Chocolate Cake

The Only Punishment They Understand

Your career and your life is in a bit of jeopardy, you know. The rich and powerful are working against you, seeking your destruction Occupy Wall Street had a nice populist genesis, but now it's unfocused and largely annoying. If you hold even a passing interest of things political, this breaking story should make your … Continue reading The Only Punishment They Understand

Caring for the Customer

We all witness customer care crimes on a regular basis. The act of making someone who is giving you money for a product or service happy to do so is an art that seems to be fading. In the worst economy in a generation, it would seem obvious that an enterprise would put customer satisfaction … Continue reading Caring for the Customer