Your Tribe Has Your Back

There is a boatload of research that shows we are our happiest when we are around people we like. We gather with people who are like us, because it gives us comfort and support. This is an essential part of being human. We have evolved to be tribal. We do this in political matters all … Continue reading Your Tribe Has Your Back

You are a Brand

Starbucks was once a humble Seattle coffee shop. It's now the modern-day equivalent of a soda fountain from the 1950s. Look at the two images below: Here's 1955: The similarities are striking. Starbucks is no longer really about coffee.  This past Saturday Cyndi and I stopped by a store in San Francisco's Financial District, and the one … Continue reading You are a Brand

Bad Resumes Happen to Good People

Words matter. Use the wrong ones, you just lost that job. I have done it myself a number of times. I looked at an early version of the resume I put together during the big job search in 2010. It wasn't great.  Lesson learned. Grab your resume and let's look together. Okay. Remove the objective. … Continue reading Bad Resumes Happen to Good People

How to be Famous on YouTube

If you are looking to become well-known for something, YouTube and the myriad variety of video hosting sites are great places to make it happen. Watching and sharing video is the #1 online activity in the word, beating Facebook handily. Most folks get their fame by singing the worst song in music history (Rebecca Black), … Continue reading How to be Famous on YouTube