Several Bonehead Resume Items To Avoid

I'm not much of a resume fan these days. A while back I wrote that the resume is actually becoming extinct, and to pay someone to tweak yours is money probably better spent on a multimedia site devoted to you and your digital brand. Resumes are still de rigueur at some companies, yes. In other instances, … Continue reading Several Bonehead Resume Items To Avoid

Weekend Read: A Failure to Connect?

I spent an hour today browsing Facebook. I looked at posts, pictures, links, etc. of friends and friends of those folks. Facebook is starting to become noisy, and I don't like it. MySpace was just so much noise. Retina-burning profile graphics and music blasting you with every open of a profile page. We don't have … Continue reading Weekend Read: A Failure to Connect?

Tweets on Toilet Paper?

I just can't help myself: LOL! Please take a gander at this:   Tweets on toilet paper, from a  company called Shitter. Shitter allows you to have a roll of TP  printed with your own personal tweets. A Mashable article reports if there’s someone on Twitter you think has particularly crappy things to say, you … Continue reading Tweets on Toilet Paper?

The Art of Doing Nothing

TweetDeck. Chirp, chirp, chirp. Texts. Ding, ding, ding. Phone. ring, ring, ring. Twitter: Tweet, tweet, tweet. Facebook/Google+: Update, comment, like, +1. Flickr, YouTube, Klout, Vimeo, Ted. Chatter, clatter, conflict, hue and cry. Blog blahblahblah. Corporate email: CYA, details, reply all.   You and I will probably go no longer than three minutes between interruptions today- … Continue reading The Art of Doing Nothing