Managing Your Unpredictable Boss

The other day I asked a friend how her new position was going. "My boss is unpredictable..." Her voice trailed off in disappointment. We paused in unison and let the words hang out there for a few seconds. We were sharing an identical realization: that's a tough spot to be in. My friend faces a … Continue reading Managing Your Unpredictable Boss

Why Doing Nothing Helps Us Do More

Many undergrad students who I monitor online at the university often get out of the blocks slowly. They fall behind early and get frustrated.  When I reach out to them to find out what's up, I can almost always predict the answer to my first question: "Are you keeping a calendar?" The answer is almost … Continue reading Why Doing Nothing Helps Us Do More

Weekend Read: Revenge of the Micromanager

  It's the weekend, and you feel more relief than joy. We may know why. Is your boss a micromanager? These are managers who want to be involved in every step of each assignment they give to their employees. They ask for more frequent reports than are needed, and generally want to exercise as much … Continue reading Weekend Read: Revenge of the Micromanager

The Ten Commandments

Since the original ones were cafted in the Bronze Age, I thought I would take the liberty of updating them.  I won't be submitting this update to any religious authority, but I think if I can manage to follow most of these, good things will come my way. Maybe you should make a list, and … Continue reading The Ten Commandments