Right Under Your Nose

My friend pinged me on Facebook yesterday. "I'm thinking about teaching a class on using social media to broadcast information about entertainment.." She asked if I had ever heard about Skillshare. I told her yes, I was aware of what they do; it's a very cool business model. We all have a talent or skill; … Continue reading Right Under Your Nose

Sometimes We’re Just Lucky

Have you ever felt a pang of jealousy or envy when hearing news about someone who "got lucky", "fell into an opportunity", or got a job because of a perceived unfair advantage? Are there any people in your life who seem to always get by, even in the toughest circumstances? Do you wonder how these folks seem … Continue reading Sometimes We’re Just Lucky

People Everywhere, But No Friend in Sight

When researchers look at the human condition of loneliness, we would at first glance assume the studies focus on the elderly, or perhaps single young people living in big cities. There's a relatively new field of loneliness research I discovered in this article in last Sunday's New York Times - the workplace. Go into your office today … Continue reading People Everywhere, But No Friend in Sight

The two-faced employee

A workplace is a strange little world, isn't it?  It's the other world you live in 8-15 hours a day. It consists of haves and have-nots, leaders and followers, troublemakers and visionaries. The workplace is a microcosm. There are liars and thieves and heroes and friends and Neighbors You Don't Like. Our co-workers posses all shades of … Continue reading The two-faced employee