What Happens When No One Is Listening

Buzz. Hue and Cry. Snark. Hate. Sell. Scam. Spam. Sex. Sing. Love. Self Love. Cats. Dogs. Kids. Money. Haute Couture. Desserts. Memes. Purses. Policy. God. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every hour of every day. It was a paltry 48 hours a year ago. A post on social media … Continue reading What Happens When No One Is Listening

The Silicon Valley Channel?

  I transcribed a local television newscast recently, counting the stories and making notes. Here's what I saw: A "breaking news" story of a bunch of cops digging through a trash can, looking for a gun. A BART beating. A cop impersonator. An accused murderer's court appearance. Octomom is on food stamps. The future of … Continue reading The Silicon Valley Channel?

The Answer to Why

I had dinner and beers last night with a couple of friends at my favorite Irish pub on the Peninsula. The game was on the TV above the bar. We talked Giants baseball, girls- the usual stuff. We tweeted snark with a friend who was at AT&T Park. We had some laughs and a sipper … Continue reading The Answer to Why

How to be Famous on YouTube

If you are looking to become well-known for something, YouTube and the myriad variety of video hosting sites are great places to make it happen. Watching and sharing video is the #1 online activity in the word, beating Facebook handily. Most folks get their fame by singing the worst song in music history (Rebecca Black), … Continue reading How to be Famous on YouTube